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Qatari regime grants $ 1 billion to Hezbollah, IMIS: Official

Iran, Qatar cooperate to revive ISIS, Qaeda in Syria, Iraq

Qatari regime, according to experts, is oscillated between the Arab boycott, led by Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and its obligations towards the terror groups it sponsors.
UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said the Qatari regime is no longer able to deny its ties to terrorists. He noted there is accumulating evidence Doha is spreading terror in the region.
This is the root cause of the current standoff with the other Gulf nations.
As he took to twitter, the minister said that Qatar paid from $ 700 million to $ 1 billion to a wide spectrum of terror groups including Qaeda, IMIS and even Nusra Front, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda.
The Qatari regime has been showing overtures to Iran recently amid boycott by Arab nations. Both regimes adopt quasi-identical agendas, focusing mainly on backing terror groups like Qaeda, IMIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In recent months, positions of the Qatari regime and the rest of Gulf nations were apart, especially on the issues related to backing terror groups, with Saudi Arabia leading the anti-Iran push on the global stage.
Qatar kept siding with the Iranian regime.
These revelations back up prognostications of multiple commentators, who cited reports detailing these facts.
Trump warns
The UAE official said Saudi Arabia is the principal party which is able to render the crisis solved. He also asserted the Qatari policy, which aids terror groups across the turmoil-hit region, is costly.
He called on Hamdeen Organization to either ward off fomenting terror, or accept the status quo, where the regime is completely isolated.
The minister also pointed to the fact that the Western decision-making circles are well aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia is the main actor in the region. And it boosts its stature by modernizing the adopted vision of crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

This comes as the US president Donald Trump asserted that the US-Saudi ties have reached its peak. In the meeting with the Saudi crown prince, he said Washington will never put up with those sponsoring terrorism.
Trump yet stressed coordination with Saudi Arabia will increase to stem sources of funding terror.
On Iran, which is one of the principal allies of the Qatari regime, Trump said he will decide the fate of the nuclear deal this month.
Commentators said Trump's remarks regarding funding terror bears clear reference to the Qatari regime.
"The US president adopts clear stance on terrorism. He is stepping up pressure on Mullah regime. And he is boosting ties with Saudi Arabia. It is a clear message for those sponsoring terror to stop," they noted.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 21 March 2018 07:42 PM