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Trump cleans up Obama's fragile legacy towards Iran, Qatar

Former president Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump - File photo
One year in the White House, and yet President Donald Trump is cleaning up the remnants of Obama's reign in the house, starting from the flawed laws and deals, until the recent firing of secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

Some experts of the US affairs may describe the tenure of former president Barack Obama as the worst eight years of the White House, since he adopted very soft, fragile policy towards very evil enemies, not only to the US but to the whole world, Iran and Qatar.

No one can deny, even Obama himself, that Qatar and Iran represent dangerous to the world by financing terrorism everywhere, which threatens the foundations of democracy and safety of peaceful civilians.

"Obama has no idea how strong the US is, he dealt with the international affairs as a powerless, ignorant normal person," a US expert told The Baghdad Post. "Obama only cares about getting paid and follow a low-tone foreign affairs policy.

"The whole world still paying for Obama's ignorant," he added.

Obama has left a heavy legacy that won't be easily cured; the worst of it was the nuclear deal with the Mullah regime, to award Iran for all its terrorist deeds in the world.

In an attempt to purge the US internal and international affairs from Obama's sins, Trump shows the real face of a powerful president of a the strongest country in the world, by several acts all lead to informing Iran and Qatar that the honeymoon with the US administration is over, and like they say "There is a new sheriff in the town."

Firing Tillerson was the landmark of this new policy of Trump. The former secretary of state was the discordant tone in Trumps band. He used to defy the president's statements and stances, regarding the relationship with Iran and Qatar.

Appointing Mike Pompeo as a successor, who is famous for his hostile stance to the Mullah regime, to Tillerson was a loud message that Tehran and Doha are not safe anymore, unless they chooses a different path.

This year will be decisive in the US strategy, more decisions will be takes, and the game will witness the fall of old players and witness new ones, as long as Trump resumes the 'deobamization' campaign.
Last Modified: Monday، 19 March 2018 03:50 PM