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US calls nerve gas poisoning of spy in Britain 'Russia's crime'

Nikki Haley
US calls nerve gas poisoning of spy in Britain 'Russia's crime'

America's ambassador to the United Nations lashed out at Moscow following the March 4 nerve gas attempted assassination of a former Russian intelligence agent and his daughter in Salisbury, England, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday.


Calling the assassination bid 'Russia's crime,' Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council that Vladimir Putin's government already had a long history of covering for rogue regimes – including Syria's – that deploy chemical weapons like VX gas against civilians.  


'Russia failed to ensure Syria destroyed their chemical weapons program. Russia killed the joint investigative mechanism when it found Assad liable for chemical attacks. 


'Russia used its veto to shield Assad five times last year. It has also provided cover for Syria in the Hague at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,' she said. 


'The Russians complained recently that we criticize them too much. If the Russian government stopped using chemical weapons to assassinate its enemies, and if the Russian government stopped helping its Syrian ally to use chemical weapons to kill Syrian children, and if Russia cooperated with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons by turning over all information related to this nerve agent, we would stop talking about them.' 


The all-out denunciation will be welcomed by Britain's prime minister, Theresa May, who expelled 23 Russian diplomats earlier in the day as punishment for the attack.


Russia 'must account for its actions,' she said, framing the gruesome incident as a case of one Security Council member going rogue against another.


'If we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now, Salisbury will not be the last place that we see chemical weapons used,' Haley predicted. 


'They could be used here in New York or in cities of any country that sits on this council.'

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