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Iran papers warn Trump plans to pull out of nuke deal as Tillerson fired

Trump's sacking of Tillerson bears negative impact on Iranian nuke deal


Iranian newspapers on Wednesday warned that firing US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paves the way for a new era of diplomatic crises between the US and Iran.


Wednesday's editorials said that Trump's decision aimed to pull the US out of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the world's major powers. 

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump replaced Tillerson with former director of CIA, Mike Pompeo.

In an article published on Etemad Newspaper, Amir Ali Abu al-Fath said the Trump Administration was seeking significant changes to form a team coping with Trump's political stances.

Abu al-Fath added that Trump and his top diplomat had opposite views regarding the nuclear deal with Iran, the imposition of customs duties on the imports of aluminum and steel from the European Union countries, possible confrontation with Russian, the differences with NATO and Qatar's support for terrorism, as well as the future of Syria, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Dariush Ahmadian predicted in an article on Bahar newspaper that the United States would pull out from the nuclear agreement after the removal of Tilerson.

Ahmadian warned the Mullah's regime that the decision to get out of the Iranian nuclear agreement has become only in the hands of President Trump, inquiring about the Mullahs' response towards Trump's decision.

On the other hand, Sharq newspaper claimed that the changes made by US President Donald Trump will affect him negatively, and isolate him from the world.

The newspaper expected that the situation in Afghanistan, the Paris Climate Convention and the situation in North Korea would become even worse with the removal of Tillerson.

The newspaper asserted that the new US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was the person Trump was seeking. He is in agreement with Trump in a number of international policies such as Iran's nuclear agreement and the North Korean file.

But it claimed there were differences between Trump and Pompio about US-Russian relations, as Pompeo sees Putin a dangerous leader.

Retired Iranian diplomat, Ali Khoram claimed that the sacking of Tillerson will have many political repercussions and impact on the Middle East and the world, according to Araman newspaper.

He concluded that Trump and Pompeo had agreed on the importance of imposing sanctions on Iran and curbing Iranian influence in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.