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MPs: Masum not constitutionally authorized to reject budget bill

Fuad Masum
MPs: Masum not constitutionally authorized to reject budget bill
Parliamentarians expressed Wednesday their disapproval of President Fuad Masum rejection to the 2018 budget bill, saying that he doesn’t have the constitutional right to do so.

"The president in the Iraqi constitution is not authorized to reject the budget bill or any other bills passed by the parliament," member of parliament's legislation committee MP Hamdiya al-Hussiny said on Wednesday.

"A bill is automatically approved after 15 days of submitting it to the president, whether he approved or not," she added.

MP Ekbal al-Gharaby agreed with Hussiny, saying Masum's disapproval is in vain, for lacking the constitutional justification.

President Faud Masum rejected to approve the 2018 budget bill on Tuesday and decided to return the bill to the parliament for further amendments, according to member of parliament and senior member of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Ashwaq al-Gaf.

The 2018 budget bill has witnessed dispute between Iraqi Federal Government and Kurdistan Regional Government concerning a number of articles.

The presidency declared that the bill conflicts with the legislation in force in 31 points.

Leader of the Change Movement Mahmoud el-Sheikh said the president's rejection will result in another national crisis.

The Iraqi parliament approved the budget bill amid boycott by Kurdish lawmakers, who protested what they called insufficient quota of the budget.

The new budget bill was drafted in October, cutting the region's share to 12.67 percent, which outraged the Kurdish MPs, who seek to keep the region's share of the budget as 17 percent as previously set based on populations estimates in 2005.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 14 March 2018 10:54 AM