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New evidence Iraq's Abadi supports terrorism

IMIS terrorists

Iraqi PM Haider Abadi takes a new step closer to Iran-allied IMIS Militias by giving their terrorists many of the same rights as members the military.


A decree issued by Abadi allows the Shia terrorists to be included into the country’s security forces. 


IMIS Militias took part in an offensive launched by Iraqi military in cooperation with the US-led coalition to oust ISIS from the territories it captured in mid-2014. But the Shia militias committed atrocities against civilians, particularly Sunnis. 


National figures have repeatedly called upon Abadi not to ratify the decision.


The decree gives the terrorists salaries equivalent to those of the members of the armed forces. They will also be subject to the laws of military service and will gain access to military institutes and colleges.


Abadi defended the decision in in televised remarks as a means to “preserve the identity of the security forces".


Last Modified: Sunday، 11 March 2018 12:10 AM