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Murder crimes' rates in Iran jump 43 percent

Khamenei and IRGC commanders

Murder and violence crimes in Iran's province of Eilam have surged 43 percent as opposed to the previous year, according to an Iranian security official.

In a conference titled 'Violence and Its Reasons', Col. Hassan Kazemi said the erroneous behaviors that violate law and rights of others give rise to such crimes.


He also said such alarming rates of murder crimes require a firm stand. He also pointed to the high rates of suicide in the province, saying this dangerous phenomenon needs more follow-up and attention.


Observers told The Baghdad Post that these social failures assert the regime's inability to run the country. They added the regime is squandering the country's resources on the militias, leaving the people in abject poverty.


Last Modified: Saturday، 10 March 2018 01:56 PM