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Sources warn against seizing Baathists assets, rooting sectarianism in Iraq

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (Front-R) talks to members of Iraqi military leadership on the 79th a

The decision to seize the assets of Saddam Hussein officials will deepen sectarianism in Iraq, said sources that condemned the decision of Accountability and Justice Committee to confiscate the assets of 4,200 former middle-ranking army officers.


Sources revealed that the decision is a green light to Shia militias (IMIS) to attack the houses of members of the Sunni Baath party within hours, strip them from all their assets and belongings, adding that the purpose of the decision is to target Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

"Shia terrorists will break into all the houses of Sunni community, if their residents didn't leave within hours," the sources added, saying that the decision #72 is stripping the Sunni community from its assets and giving them to the Shia militias, in order to fund Bashar al Assad regime's war in Syria.

On Monday, Iraq has ordered the seizure of assets that belong to executed Saddam Hussein and more than 4,200 officials of his regime and members of Baath Party, including their relatives.

After the fall of the Saddam regime following the 2003 US invasion, property belonging to the former ruler and his cronies was seized by Iraq's new leaders, armed forces and multiple militias; which means the new order now is made to put an official stamp on this confiscation.

Last Modified: Saturday، 10 March 2018 01:42 PM