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Saudi Crown Prince's visit to Baghdad to threaten Tehran schemes in Iraq

Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdel Aziz planned visit to Iraq is considered a crucial step towards boosting Iraq's relations with Arab countries instead of Iran that is controlling Iraq's political and economic process, analysts told The Baghdad Post.


The analysts added that this visit will turn over a new leaf in relations between the two Arab countries in which Iraq will began to get closer to its Arab neighboring countries instead of Iran.


They said that the visit will send a number of messages to the Mullah's regime in Tehran including that Saudi Arabia is threatening their homogeny in Iraq which is considered one of the most dominated countries by Iran.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that Mullah's regime will pay the price for their ignorance that Saudi Arabia's regime will never forget that Iraq is a crucial part of the Arab world. They added that Riyadh decided after 14 years to work on to help Baghdad to return to its Arab origins in order to combat attempts to replace these origins by Persian ones.


Slap on the face of Mullah's regime


The visit is a powerful slap on the face of Mullah's regime from Saudi Arabia, the experts underlined.



Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will discuss a number of issues during his visit to Baghdad, well-informed sources told The Baghdad Post, adding that he will discuss establishing an immense Arab project to be implemented in Iraq in which thousands of Iraqi people will benefit from it including a huge number of labor who will find more job opportunities in the coming period due to Saudi projects expected to be implemented in Iraq to serve all components of Iraq.

Bin Salman's expected visit to Iraq reflect that Riyadh and Baghdad are keen on fostering relations in all fields, analysts said, adding that Iranian officials will be alert over this visit in which they will exert all efforts and by all means including using their corrupt officials and militias in Iraq to regain their dominance in Baghdad and threaten Iraq and Iraqi people.


Earlier, well-informed sources revealed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdel Aziz will visit Baghdad in the coming period after his current tour. They added that Riyadh and Baghdad are working on to prepare for this important visit that will tackle means of fostering relations in various fields including politics, security and economy.

Last Modified: Monday، 05 March 2018 09:19 PM