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Yemeni army make progress in Saada, thanks to Arab coalition aid

Sources confirmed to Al Arabiya that the Yemeni army has regained control of the town of Yakhtul nor
Yemeni military institution is now capable of confronting the militias and expelling them out of the country, with the full ability to complete their mission to maintain the stability of the country," said Yemen’s Acting Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Maqdashi on Sunday.

During a meeting with officials at the defense ministry on Sunday, Maqdashi praised the Arab coalition’s role in helping the Yemeni people restore legitimacy and obtaining victory over terrorism.

Meanwhile, army carried on its operations in Saada, covered by the coalition’s air force, to engage in a number of fronts.

In the past few hours, Yemeni legitimate forces intensified their operations on the border fronts of north Saada and Hajjah. It also launched an operation to liberate the Razih District, north of Saada, while Saudi joint forces shelled militias’ posts and fortifications.

The Yemeni army made advances in the past two days in the fronts of Nati’ District in Al Bayda Governorate and in the Nihm District, near to Sanaa.
Last Modified: Monday، 05 March 2018 01:50 PM