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Government denies mandating US troops to secure upcoming elections

File - US troops in Iraq/Wikimedia commons
Spokesperson of Iraqi prime minister denied Monday that US troops were deployed in three provinces to secure the voting polls in the upcoming elections next May.

"Securing the polls is the Iraqi security forces' mission, and the US troops exist inside specific camps and bases in Iraq for consultation and training the Iraqi soldiers, they have nothing to do with security," spokesperson Saad al-Hadithy told state media in a press conference on Monday.

Al-Hadithy affirmed that Iraqi security forces are capable of securing the elections, no need for foreign forces to intervene.

Spokesperson of Nineveh Tribes Mozahem al-Hawit claimed that US troops have arrived at the province on Sunday, for the purpose of securing the election polls in Nineveh, Erbil, Anbar and other conflict areas.
Last Modified: Monday، 05 March 2018 10:32 AM