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Iraq gov't marginalizes Kurds, all choices on table: Kurdish MP

MP Masoud Haider

A Kurdish MP has slammed Iraq's 2018 state budget as a new attempt to "marginalize the Kurdistan Region", calling on Kurdish political powers to take relevant measures in response.


Speaking at a press conference, MP Masoud Haider from Gorran Movement said, "There is a political will to eternalize the economic embargo on the Kurdistan Region and neglect Kurdish demands".


On Saturday, Iraqi federal parliament approved the 2018 state budget with the KRG getting only a 12.64 percent share of it.


Haider added that "all choices are on the table" for the Kurdish parties. 


"It is impossible to build a country of citizenship through marginalization...There is a political will to prolong the salaries problem, it's high time for all political powers to study all choices," he added. 


"We either remain a part of the federal state or take a decision relevant to the current conditions in the region," he said. 


Other MPs called on the KRG to withdraw from all political activities in Iraq immediately.

They also called on the Kurdish Iraqi President Fuad Masum to resign and leave Baghdad's green zone and return to Kurdistan.