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Most important clauses of Iraq's 2018 state budget

Iraqi parliament
Iraqi Parl't votes on 2018 state budget

The Iraqi parliament has voted on the state budget for 2018 on Saturday.

Here are the most important clauses of it:

1- The Ministry of Finance will transfer all employees with bachelor degrees in the Defense and Interior Ministries to civil ministries.

2- The Iraqi cabinet will provide jobs for employees fired from the Defense and Interior Ministries.


3- Canceling article 30 that cuts 3.8% from civil servants' salaries.

4- The Share of Kurdistan Region Government from the state budget is 12.64%
5- The deficit in the state budget will be 12514516498 Iraqi Dinars (10637339.02330 US Dollars).

6- The sales taxes will be 5% instead of 10%.

7- The government will provide ten-year loans to civilians whose houses were destroyed in terrorist activities.

Last Modified: Saturday، 03 March 2018 08:00 PM