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Syrian regime killed 674 civilians in Ghouta in past 12 days

Civilians flee from an area hit by a reported regime air strike in Eastern Ghouta AFP/Getty

At least 674 people have been reportedly killed by the Syrian regime strikes on the province of eastern Ghouta over the past 12 days, while 2,708 others were injured, according to a report released by the Syrian Civil Defense Unit 'The White Helmets' on Friday.

The civil rescue agency has reported that most of the victims were men and children, while two of its rescuers were among the killed civilians.


The Syrian regime has launched a bloody offense against the rebels-controlled besieged enclave on February 18, ignoring the proposed 30-day truce by the United Nations, and the daily five-hour ceasefire called by Moscow, the campaign that was described as one of the bloodiest air assaults of the seven-year war in Syria.

We lost another hero today " Mahmoud Alkilani" a volunteer of @SCDrifdimashq in #EasternGhouta, killed after the brutal air raids targeted the civilinas and SCD teams during there humanitarian duty in #Otaya city in #BesiegedGhouta. #RIP #Heroes #SaveGhouta

On Saturday, the UN Security council voted unanimously in favour of a 30-day ceasefire across Syria, to enable rescuers to provide humanitarian aids to the 400 thousand residents in Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Last Modified: Friday، 02 March 2018 06:58 PM