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Abadi's media office denies Kurdistan state budget share increase

Haider Abadi

Iraqi PM Haider Abadi's media office has denied reports that $840 million was added to Kurdistan Region's share of the 2018 budget. 


Media spokesman Saad Hadithi said in a statement the budget was sent to the parliament to be ratified two weeks ago. 


He added that the parliament was the only organization to amend the state budget. 


Earlier in February, Kurdish parliamentary blocs slammed the Iraqi 2018 state budget as the worst in the country's history as it serves a particular political side. 

Leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Arafat Karam said the Kurdish blocs would continue boycotting the parliamentary sessions to make the budget bill hearing session illegitimate.

On February 8, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi sent a 'moderated budget bill' to the Parliament.

The new budget bill was completed in October with a proposal to cut the region's share to 12.67 percent.

Kurdish MPs seek to make the region's share of the budget remains 17% as previously set based on populations estimates in 2005.