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Iraq won't be safe unless IMIS terrorists are vanquished

Security and safety will return to Iraq unless the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) and all of Mullah's regime puppets are ousted from the country and destroyed.

IMIS terrorists have committed numerous human rights violations against Iraqis, Sunnis suffered the most from these systematic sectarian mass genocide crimes, as these terrorists have destroyed all of the Sunni governorates beyond recognition.

Kurds also suffered many human rights violation, got their houses burned and looted by IMIS and Iranian-backed PKK terrorists.

Along with Kurds and Sunnis, Christians and Yazidis also suffered inhumane treatment by IMIS terrorists, as the Kurdistan Democratic Party MP Vian Dakhil asserted that 85% of Yazidis couldn't return to their homes in Sinjar as IMIS and PKK terrorists are controlling the area.

She added that over 3200 Yazidis are currently missing after recapturing the area from ISIS terrorists, noting that these terrorists' control over these area shows that the Iraqi government is not serious in defending this minority as it also contributes in marginalizing them, forcing them to flee outside Iraq.

These sectarian policies by the Federal Government have also led to Christians fleeing in droves outside of Iraq, leaving nearly 400,000 Christians in Iraq after their population exceeded 1,200,000.

Dakhil asserted that 85% of Yazidis are currently living in Kurdistan and will likely not return to Sinjar as IMIS  and PKK terrorists made sure to destroy the area's infrastructure completely, leaving it uninhabitable.

They also fear the wrath and terror of these terrorists who control Sinjar.