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Iran led the push to execute Iraqi president Saddam Hussein

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The late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein represents an insurmountable complex for the Iranian regime and its generals. To them, he is the leader the entire world looked at him in awe.

Saddam, who ruled Iraq from 1979 to 2003, inflicted a humiliating military defeat on the Iranian military in the eight-year war that broke out in the 1908s.

According to observers, Saddam Hussein represented the notion of 'the powerful Iraq'.


Under his rule, the Iraqi state outdid the Iranian one. And on the battlefield, Baghdad snookered Tehran, debarring it from passing on with its schemes in the region.

"Saddam was the complex that the Iranians are not able to overcome until this very moment," they said.

Iranian order

The Iranian government has ordered its satellite cabinet in Iraq to uphold the death sentence against the former president. Iranian officials on several occasions admitted Tehran directed the Iraqi government to hasten Saddam's execution. 

Rahim Azghadi, the head of Iran's top body responsible for cultural revolution, said that Iran has led the push to execute the former Iraqi president. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said Iran is now controlling five Arab nations. 

These remarks pushed commentators to assert that Saddam was a stumbling block to the Iranian plots. So they sought to get rid of him.

In an interview with Afaq TV, he said Iran has killed the former president as the US sought to spare his life.

"Our men in Iraq, not the US, executed Saddam Hussein. The Islamic Revolution forces killed him," the Iranian official noted.

He continued his claims, saying Iran only meddles in the countries that have friendly relations with the US.

"We seek to topple the regimes of these countries for them to be under our control. And we succeeded in bringing in six regimes loyal to the US, wresting our control over them instead," he remarked.

Persian empire 
The official stated that time is ripe for declaring the Persian empire in the region.
"No matter what the names of this empire will be. We want to establish it," he asserted.
According to observers, these remarks indicate how the Iranian regime bears grudge towards the Iraqi president even after they killed him.

They cited the comments of the Iranian officials when Saddam was executed, where they said"The Iraqi people are the victorious ones." Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Hamid Reza Asefi told the Islamic Republic News Agency, while expressing regrets that his trial only focused on one of his crimes and not the one million killed during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988.
They also stressed the Iranian regime will not halt expansionist policies. The impediments to the schemes of the Iranians have been removed after getting rid of the Iraqi president. 
"Iraq has become up for grabs after Saddam. The Iranian militias are on the loose across the country. And the Iranians now have friends in high places in Iraq."

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