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Security only to be restored in Mosul by eradicating IMIS

Iranian backed militias must be kicked out of Mosul city to bring back stability to the city.

IMIS have committed brutal crimes against Sunni faction through the past 15 years.

Sunnis have been suffering torture, kidnapping, killing which amounted to be described as ' genocide'.

Not only Sunni, but also the Kurdish faction was always a target for the Iranian-backed militias and PKK terrorists.

These militias also had a big role in oppressing and persecution of the Christian faction in the city.

Kurdish lawmaker, Fyan Dakhil said that 85% of Yazidis cannot return to their homes in Sinjar district because of the presence of IMIS and PKK militants.

About 3,200 Yezidis have been lost after the restoration of Sinjar, she added.

The emergence of these militias and the government failure in defending these minorities led them to flee Iraq, especially Christian faction, she further said.   

Only 400,000 Christians are currently living in Iraq compared to 1,2 m civilians before  2014, she noted.

About 85% of Yezidis who have been displaced are now living in Kurdistan region and refused to return back to Sinjar district.

The reason behind this is that the infrastructure in the province is totally destroyed as well as the presence of IMIS and PKK militants.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 21 February 2018 07:33 PM