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ISIS is yet to suffer 'enduring defeat' - Tillerson

Tillerson: Iraqi people must fight Iranian influence in their country
ISIS is yet to suffer 'enduring defeat' - Tillerson
The end of major combat operations against ISIS does not mean the United States and its allies have achieved an enduring defeat of the militant group, Reuters quoted  the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as saying on Tuesday.

Tillerson, speaking at a meeting in Kuwait of the US-led global coalition against ISIS, also said Washington had decided to provide an additional $200 million of aid to stabilize recaptured areas in Syria.

“The end of major combat operations does not mean we have achieved the enduring defeat of ISIS,” he said.

“ISIS remains a serious threat to the stability of the region, our homelands, and other parts of the globe.”

The terrorists, who lost all territory they held in Iraq and are on the cusp of defeat in Syria, are trying to gain territory in other countries where they are active, he said, adding that “History must not be allowed to repeat itself elsewhere.”

“In Iraq and Syria, ISIS is attempting to morph into an insurgency. In places like Afghanistan, the Philippines, Libya, West Africa, and others it is trying to carve out and secure safe havens.”