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MP calls on Abadi to reveal number of US-led coalition troops in Iraq

MP calls on Abadi to reveal number of US-led Coalition troops in Iraq

Member of Parliament of the State of Law Coalition Zainab A'aref al-Basri called on the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday o reveal the number of the US-led coalition troops and the true nature of their mission in Iraq.

In a press statement, Basri urged Abadi to reveal whether these troops' mission is only consolatory or intelligence, noting that the Parliament's members do not know the real nature of the troops' mission.

She added that the Parliament also do not know if these troops' salaries are paid by the Iraqi government or by the Coalition itself.

She also urged Abadi to uncover the circumstances of the recent US-led Coalition operation at al-Baghdadi district in western Baghdad that led to many deaths and injuries at the ranks of the Tribal Hashid troops.  

Last Modified: Saturday، 03 February 2018 06:02 PM