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Video: Iranian woman revolts against Mullah's turbaned Shia cleric

A file photo of protests against clerical establishment in Iran

An Iranian woman from Rasht city in northwestern Iran has assaulted, insulted and beaten a turbaned cleric, affiliated to the Mullah regime, a video revealed Wednesday. 

In the video, while the woman was beating up the Shia cleric, his turban fell on the ground.

The woman featured in the video seemed simmering with anger and she accused the cleric and the Shia clerical establishment in Iran of being behind the deteriorating conditions in the country.

This comes one month after massive protests have erupted in Iran over poverty, unemployment and skyrocketing prices.


Go to hell, said the angry woman while beating the Shia cleric. 

Social media users, who circulated the video, described the Iranian woman as “brave.”

On Monday, protests renewed in Iran according to videos and footage which showed people protesting in Bandar Abbas in the south, Najafabad in Isfahan in center Iran, Kerman in the southeast and in Shiraz, the center of the Fars Province. 

In Shiraz, protesters chanted “death to the dictator.” This has become a major slogan during the recent protests against the Iranian Mullah's regime leader Khamenei.

In Najafabad, protesters chanted against the regime while in Kerman they called on security forces not to suppress their protests and to support their peaceful demonstrations.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 January 2018 10:25 AM