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Shiite government breaths down Sunnis' neck as election looms - Analysts

Shiite government breathing down neck of Sunnis as elections looms

Sectarian abuses against displaced civilians in Baghdad increase as they suffer from dire conditions in the refugee camps.

The Shiite government is breathing down Sunnis' neck as elections loom to prevent them from participating in the polls, analysts said.

MP Jamila al-Obeidi on Tuesday said that Baghdad Operations threatened to demolish a camp in the al-Jameaa district west of Baghdad which includes displaced people from Mosul and Ramadi.

Displaced civilians have been given until February 10 to leave the camp, Obeidi added.

Residents of the camps have called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, ministers of defence and interior to intervene to find a solution to the crisis.

They also urged the international community to intervene to stop the government's ongoing injustice committed against them.


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Activists on social media described the move as an act of sectarian violence and a continuation of series of attacks against Sunni citizens since the occupation of Iraq.


ان بقيت الامور بيد عمليات بغداد سوف ( تركع ) بغداد للارهابي الاول ، وليس فقط ترجع للمربع الاول.


They said that Abadi, the federal government and the parliament will be blamed over any potential disaster that threatens the lives of innocent people who are already suffering dire conditions in the refugee camps.

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