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30 billion IQD needed to hold Kurdistan elections – IHEC

Kurdistan Parliament
30 billion IQD needed to hold Kurdistan elections – IHEC

The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) needs about 30 billion Iraqi dinars to hold Kurdistan Region’s elections, a source close to the IHEC revealed Wednesday. 

The source said the IHEC held a meeting with Kurdistan parliamentary affairs committee to discuss challenges facing the region’s elections.  

The IHEC said it needs 100 days to complete preparations for the Kurdistan elections, he added. 

Earlier this month, Kurdistan Region's Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission (IHERC) showed willingness to hold parliamentary and presidential elections of the region in the beginning of April if the requirements and the necessary budget are available. 

The IHERC has called for allocating 23 billion Iraqi dinars as a budget for conducting the parliamentary election. 

Last Modified: Wednesday، 24 January 2018 10:30 AM
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هاژه خدر عمر
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