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Slashing Kurdistan’s share of budget not based on official census - MP

A file photo of the Iraqi parliament

Slashing Kurdistan Region’s share of the 2018 state budget is not based on an official census, Masoud Haider, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, revealed Monday.  

Haider said the census of the Ministry of Trade regarding the number of Kurds is different from that of Kurdistan’s Ministry of Trade. 

Consequently, there is no official census the government can depend on to cut Kurdistan’s share of the 2018 state budget, he noted.  

Some items in the 2018 budget have negative impact on employees. One of the items stipulates that promotions and bonuses of employees shall be halted to meet the requirements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he further stated.  Iraq’s oil revenues are expected to reach $85 bn this year, according to Haider. 

The budget bill has not been passed yet as Erbil rejects reducing its financial allocations in the budget from 17% to 12%.  

Last Modified: Monday، 22 January 2018 10:29 AM