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NIA MP holds gov’t responsible for budgetary austerity

The Iraqi parlaiment

National Iraqi Alliance (NIA) MP Mohamed Saadon al-Sahyood held Friday the government responsible for the budgetary austerity, which has weighed on salaries of employees, pensions of retirees, governorates and job grades’ allocations. 

In a press statement, al-Sahyood said the federal government does not meet the needs of the Iraqi people.

The government has not heeded the demands of MPs concerning governorates’ allocations although Iraq is no longer facing a financial crisis. Iraq has exported over 5 million barrels of oil when the price was $70 per barrel, he noted.

The government has made deductions from employees’ salaries and imposed taxes. It also has adopted electricity privatization plan not the parliament. The parliament rejects it altogether, he further stated. 

Consequently, privatizations and deductions are not part of the parliament’s powers but exclusively the government’s, he added.    

Last Modified: Friday، 19 January 2018 11:05 AM