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Video: Iranians stage fresh protests in Isfahan

Fresh protests in Isfahan

Dozens of Iranians have staged protests against poverty and unemployment in Isfahan province.

The protesters chanted slogans condemning the poor living conditions, poverty and embezzlement, and carrying banners against the corrupt Mullahs' regime.

Iran has recently seen wide-spread protests against clerical rule and corruption.


At least 23 Iranians were killed in the protests and thousands were injured. 


Hundreds of people have been arrested in the sweeping protests that hit major Iranian cities including the capital Tehran.

Iranian regime sentences protesters to death over charges of fighting what it called "the divine republic". 


Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council of Iran, Mohsen Rezaee, accused Erbil was behind protests in his country. 

Tehran also blamed the US, Israel, Saudia Arabia for the unrest.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 16 January 2018 10:03 PM