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Thousands of bodies still buried under rubble in Mosul – MP

Devastation in Mosul

Many residents of Mosul are still missing while the bodies of thousands others are still buried under the rubble amid government deafening silence, MP Zahid al-Khatoni, from Nineveh Governorate, revealed Friday. 

This comes six month after Mosul has been recaptured from ISIS terrorists following a nine-month military campaign.  

In press statements, al-Khatoni said Mosul had become a pile of rubble after 80% of the city was destroyed, adding that over 25% of bodies have not been recovered yet.  

The government has not begun yet in any war remnants clearance operations, debris removal or bodies’ recovery although we recurrently called on it to carry out these operations to facilitate the return of displaced persons to the city, he noted. 

Everyone in the government talks about not having sufficient funds to start reconstructing Mosul, he further stated.  

The biggest problem is that elections are just around the corner. Nineveh Governorate will be marginalized as most of its residents will not be able to take part in the voting process. Over 1 million and 800,000 of the governorate’s residents are displaced, the MP said. 

Militias, affiliated to political parties and tribes, are currently in charge of the security of the governorate, which is worrying and raises concern about the fairness of electoral process, he added. 

Earlier this month, MP of Nineveh governorate Farah Seraj described the living conditions of Mosul residents as "tragic".

In a statement, Seraj said that over 4,000 bodies still lie under the rubble of the Old city of Mosul that had witnessed massive destruction.

Last Modified: Friday، 12 January 2018 02:11 PM