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Cabinet says nearly half of displaced persons have already returned home

IMIS, corrupt official further displaced suffering for political gains

Secretariat general of the Iraqi cabinet said on Thursday about 50 percent of the displaced persons have already returned to their homes.

In a statement, the secretariat said:"The efforts of the government are continuing to secure the needs of the areas liberated from the clutches of ISIS."

It added Abadi directed to provide the essential services in these areas to facilitate the return of the displaced families.

The statement yet noted the government is keen to provide services to the displaced persons whether they are in camps or after they return home.

As a result of the war against ISIS terrorists in Iraq, the number of displaced people risen dramatically. This increases the burden on the central government trying to handle the problem of displaced Iraqis who escaped the atrocities of ISIS since the launch of recapture operations.

What exacerbates displaced persons' dilemma is that Iraq’s financial resources have been drained as a result of the military operations conducted to retake ISIS-held districts.