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Elections may be delayed, source close to Abadi says

US to stand with Kurds as Abadi does not abiding by Iraqi constitution

Lawmaker with the State of the Law Coalition Jassim Mohammed Jafar on Tuesday said the legislative elections may be delayed to autumn of 2018.

Jafar, who is close to prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said the disagreement over the circumstances in the western provinces may lead to delaying the elections, which will be reflected in the amends to the elections' law debated in the parliament. 

Legislators in Iraq have not reached a compromise to pass the elections' law yet.

The government suggested the elections be held next May 15th. 

"I think the Sunnis will continue to insist on delaying the elections," the lawmaker noted.

He also revealed the elections may be delayed to October or November of this year, reiterating it is one of the demands of the Sunni blocs. 

Last Modified: Tuesday، 09 January 2018 08:06 PM