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Kurdistan Region slams accusation Erbil was behind Iran protests

Iran protests

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has slammed accusations that Erbil was behind recent protests in Iran.

In a statement, KRG Spokesman Safeen Dizayee said, “We categorically deny such baseless and fabricated accusations,” Dizayee said in a statement on the official website of KRG, regarding the protests currently underway in over 80 cities in the country.

Dizayee described the accusations as “baseless and fabricated.”


Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohsen Rezaee, said Erbil was behind protests in his country. 


Tehran also blamed the US, Israel, Saudia Arabia for the unrest.


The Iranian protests first erupted Dec. 28 in Mashad, Iran's second largest city, with millions demonstrating against the clerical rule and corruption. 

The demonstrations also called for ending supporting terrorism in Iraq, Syria and other neighboring Arab countries. 

At least 22 protesters have been killed.

Hundreds of people have been arrested in the sweeping protests that hit major Iranian cities including the capital Tehran.

Iranian regime sentences protesters to death over charges of fighting what it called "the divine republic".