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Houthis target civilians in Yemeni al Hudaydah with mortar shells

Iran-backed Houthis
The Houthi militants targeted civilians in Khawkhah district of al Hudaydah province in Yemen's western coast by mortar shells and Katyusha rockets, destroying houses of its residents.

Military sources said on Friday that Houthi militias also shelled a factory and destroyed its infrastructure.

Houthis are targeting the civilians after they have been encircled in several fronts, the military sources added. 

Yemeni forces continue advancing towards Hess town in southern al Hudaydah in the western coast front, backed by the jets of the Arab coalition.

Meanwhile, the Arab coalition warplanes launched an airstrike against Houthi militants, destroying their command center in the western coast front. 
Last Modified: Saturday، 06 January 2018 12:47 AM