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Political parties fight against each other ahead elections

Political parties fight against each other ahead elections
Infighting and jockeying for positions of governors and provincial council members among Sunni, Shiite, tribal, and other parties in Nineveh, Salahuddin, and Anbar governorates have hindered the entirely return of stability to these three governorates,  which constitutes about 41% of the total area of Iraq. 

Up to 80 % of the nine cities of Anbar governorate have been totally destroyed due to war, which lasted for four years, against ISIS. 

But instead of reconstruction, the Iraqi Islamic Party has accused Anbar governor Mohammed al-Halbusi of corruption to topple him and appointing a member of the party rather. 

After suspending Nineveh governor Nawfal al Akoub, political problems have arisen between the members of the provincial council and the other parties that threatened to storm the governorate with their armed militias. 

While in Salahuddin, the political parties accused the senior officials in the governorate of helping ISIS terrorists during the period of their control over the governorate. And the Iraqi Islamic Party used the Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) to gain ground in the governorate.

Sources confirmed that Iraqi Prime Minister will act to halt such conflicts. The sources  also added that these parties struggle against each other to gain access to funds and projects provided by international organizations or the government, regardless Iraqi citizens' suffering. 

Analysts pointed out that the three governorates are threatened of civil war by the internal political parties. They confirmed that Abadi ordered not to let anyone of these parties to implicate others after the complaints and reports from one party against another have reached to dozens, and most of them are false and frivolous. 

Abadi will use his constitutional right to manage these governorates till holding the upcoming elections on May 15th, 2018.
Last Modified: Thursday، 04 January 2018 02:01 PM