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About 300 illegal Iraqi immigrants temporarily released in US

About 300 illegal Iraqi immigrants temporarily released in US
US federal judge in Michigan has ordered the government to give bond hearings in preparation for releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants from Iraq into the community, saying the Constitution protects them from indefinite detention in the US, The Washington Times newspaper reported.

US District Judge Mark A Goldsmith earlier had halted deportations for nearly 300 Iraqis, saying that although they had long been ordered removed, conditions on the ground in Iraq had changed and they deserved new hearings.

His latest ruling Tuesday evening goes further, certifying some of the Iraqis as a class-action lawsuit and saying most of them should be “allowed to return to their productive lives” while they wait for new hearings, meaning they must be released from detention unless the government can prove they are a major risk to public safety.

“Our legal tradition rejects warehousing human beings while their legal rights are being determined, without an opportunity to persuade a judge that the norm of monitored freedom should be followed,” Judge Goldsmith wrote. “This principle is familiar to all in the context of the criminal law, where even a heinous criminal, whether a citizen or not, enjoys the right to seek pre-trial release.”

He said once persons had been held for six months, they needed to have a bond hearing.
Last Modified: Thursday، 04 January 2018 11:56 AM