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Yemeni FM calls on world to support oppressed Iranian protesters

Yemeni FM calls on world to support oppressed Iranian protesters
Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi said that the Iranian uprising reflects the need of the Iranian people to live in peace and prosperity among the peoples of the region away from the "crazy dreams of the mullahs' regime in exporting revolutions, devastation and destruction to the region,"Al Arabiya reported.

Mekhlafi stressed that what the mullahs spend on their hegemonic ambitions has directly affected the Iranians and their lives, reducing their standards of living.

He called on the world in several tweets to listen to the voice of the weak and oppressed Iranian people.

Mekhlafi described the Iranians under the mullahs as the most oppressed in the region after the people in countries in which the Iranian regime interfered and imposed sectarian wars.

He stressed the right of the burdened people of Iran to be free from injustice.

He also pointed out that the Iranian regime’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs stretches back to 1982.

Makhlafi accused the Iranian regime of fueling several wars in Yemen, the latest of which is still in place by supporting the Houthi militia.

"We wish the aspirations of the Iranian people success in achieving freedom and stopping foreign ventures," he said.

The Iranian Institute of Crime Research revealed the names of four military commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) who are working with the Houthi militia in Yemen and that the Iranian Ministry of Defense sent munitions experts in early 2017 to Yemen.

He added that three senior IRGC officials were sent to Yemen to lead the Houthi military operations, namely Colonel Reda Basini, Commander Ali al-Rajabi and Major Mohammad Niazi.

They have also sent an ammunition manufacturing team headed by Bahram Rahnama to Yemen to help in providing weapons and ammunition to the Houthis last year.
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