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US legislators express support for Iranian protesters

Iranian protesters

While protest assemblies in Iran have kept up their momentum and spread in different cities of the country, several American legislators have called upon “freedom-loving nations” to support the demands of the Iranian people, Radio Farda reported Saturday.

Senator Ted Cruz has issued an official statement Saturday, expressing his solidarity with the people of Iran.

“I call upon freedom-loving nations everywhere to rally behind and publicly express their support for the Iranian people”, Ted Cruz said in his statement.

Praising “brave Iranians” who have poured into the streets, the Senator from Texas has reiterated, "I strongly support and stand in solidarity with the Iranian people who are bravely taking to the streets to speak out against their repressive, brutal government in Tehran”.

According to senator Cruz, “These protests reveal to the world that the Iranian regime would rather export and finance terror beyond its borders--especially to its terrorist proxies in Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen--than work to meet the basic needs of its own citizens”.

Senator Cruz has also emphasized, “The Iranian people want freedom and an end to the ayatollahs' reign of terror”.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, described the rioters as “nonviolent protestors.” He insisted that their demonstrations are no surprise since they are a response to a “regime more focused on propping up terrorist organization than addressing the plight of its citizens.”

Last Modified: Sunday، 31 December 2017 01:27 PM