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Kurdish MPs to propose Kurdistan employees salaries' bill to parl't

A file photo of the Iraqi parliament

Kurdistan Islamic Group's bloc will introduce a Kurdish bill stipulating that the federal government shall be committed to paying public employees in Kurdistan Region their salaries, Zana Saeed, one of the bloc's MPs, revealed Friday.  


Saeed was said that salaries of the regions' public employees have to be exclusively distributed by the government in Baghdad like other civil servants.

The government is responsible for the economic, foreign and domestic policies of the country, he said.    

Kurdistan Islamic Group will propose salaries' bill to the federal parliament in order to be legally protected, not to be exploited by political parties, and not to be subject to deductions and personal whims, he further stated.  

Saeed did not rule out that some Kurdish parties will object to this bill as they owe loyalty as per their partisan interests.   

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced Tuesday that his government will start paying civil servants working in the Ministry of Water Resources in Kurdistan Region their salaries. 

In his weekly press briefings, al-Abadi said the government is conducting a payroll audit in the ministries of education and health in the region. 

Abadi has recurrently pledged to pay the salaries in civil servants in Kurdistan Region. However, officials in the region believe that he will not fulfill his pledges.  

Last Modified: Friday، 29 December 2017 02:24 PM