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Abadi welcomes dialogue with Erbil only at media level - MP

Haider al-Abadi

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is not serious about resolving the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, Ashwaq al-Jaff, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) MP, revealed Friday. 

In a press statement, al-Jaff said Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) recurrently declared its willingness to engage in dialogue with the federal government in accordance with the law and the constitution but Abadi welcomed the move only at the media level. 

The crisis between Baghdad and Erbil will not be resolved by holding news conferences and issuing press statements. It can only be resolved by sitting at the negotiating table and finding legal and constitutional solutions , she noted.  

Abadi's recent press conference is a psychological warfare. The prime minister has pledged to pay public employees of Kurdistan Region their salaries and he has not fulfilled his pledges yet, she added.  

On Tuesday, Abadi announced that his government will start paying civil servants working in the Ministry of Water Resources in Kurdistan Region their salaries. 

In his weekly press briefings, al-Abadi said the government is conducting a payroll audit in the ministries of education and health in the region.

Last Modified: Friday، 29 December 2017 01:20 PM