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Houthi militants fire ballistic missile on Marib

France warns of ballistic proliferation after Houthis target Riyadh
Houthi militants have fired a ballistic missile on the positions of the Yemeni forces in Marib governorate, in northeastern the Yemeni capital, while clashes are still going on several fronts.

Over the past few days, the Yemeni forces inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militants and several elements of their field leaders have been killed.

The Yemeni legitimate forces, backed by the Arab coalition forces, continued their procession to control the northern areas of Sanaa and other areas in Nahm directorate.

Meanwhile, government forces also control al Qanaseen mountain in Nihm and the army launched several attacks on the rebels positions in Masoura, forcing several rebel elements to flee the location.

In central Yemen, fighting is still going on between Houthi militants and the Yemeni forces on the outskirts of No'man directorate.
Last Modified: Thursday، 28 December 2017 06:22 PM