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Emerging signs of solution to Erbil-Baghdad crisis – PUK MP

A glimmer of hope in Erbil-Baghdad crisis

Secret and announced meetings have been held between Baghdad and Erbil this week in an attempt to resolve the outstanding issues between the two sides, Mullah Bekhtyar, a leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), revealed Thursday.

In a Facebook post, Bekhtyar said there are positive signs regarding the results of the secret and announced meetings held between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) this week.

He also said that military confrontations between Erbil and Baghdad will not reoccur, adding that the two parties have discussed detailed solutions for outstanding issues.  

KRG is in the process of forming a delegation and providing answers to Baghdad. After resolving the issues related to border crossings, KRG will dwell on two issues: the region's allocations in the 2018 state budget and the disputed areas. 

Tension has been high in the region since the central government in Baghdad imposed tough measures when the KRG held an independence referendum on Sept. 25 and Kurds voted overwhelmingly to secede.

After the September referendum, the Iraqi government responded by seizing Kurdish-held Kirkuk and other territory disputed between the Kurds and the central government. It also banned direct flights to Kurdistan and demanded control over border crossings.

Kurdish parties have sought to resolve the crisis between the KRG and the federal government but all their efforts were in vain. 

KRG accuses Baghdad of procrastination as it delays engaging in dialogue with Erbil to resolve the outstanding issues between the two parties.


Last Modified: Thursday، 28 December 2017 11:01 AM