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Yemen's Hadi reshuffles gov't, appoints five new ministers

Abderabu Mansour Hadi

In a government reshuffle Yemeni President Abderabu Mansour Hadi, on Sunday, appointed five new ministers headed by Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid, dismissing a number of conservative members, Arabiya News reported.

The presidential decree issued by President Hadi constituted five ministries in the reshuffle, the Ministries of Interior, Oil, Transport, Agriculture and Shura Council Affairs.

Ahmed bin Ahmed al-Maysari was appointed as the deputy prime minister and interior minister, replacing Major General Hussein Arab, who was appointed as adviser to the president for security affairs and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

According to the decree published by the official Yemeni news agency, The new deputy prime minister and minister of interior, al-Maysari, who was the minister of Agriculture was replaced by Osman Hussein Majali, who was the Minister of State for Shura Council Affairs.

Saleh al-Jubwani was appointed as minister of transport while engineer Aws al-Oud was appointed as minister of oil and minerals.

The Yemeni president also replaced three governors of the provinces of Taiz, Lahj and al-Dali, the decree stipulated.

Amin Ahmed Mahmoud was appointed as the Governor of Taiz province, Major General Ali Muqbel Saleh, was appointed as Governor of Al-Dali and Brigadier General Ahmad Abdullah Al-Turki was appointed as Governor of Lahj Governorate.