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Revealed: Qatar involved in killing of Yemeni former President Saleh

Revealed: Qatar involved in killing of Yemeni former President Saleh

Mohamed al-maswari lawyer of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday accused Qatar of betraying Saudi-led Arab coalition and leaking information to Houthi militia which resulted in Saleh assassination.


Doha provided Houthis with weapons, money, intelligence for more than two years and a half, maswari tweeted.


وجود إيران في اليمن(6).

تمكنت إيران من الإختراق بإدخال قطر ضمن التحالف.
والتي قدمت الدعم الكامل للحوثيين ليس بالسلاح والمال عبر الإنزال المظلي منذ أكثر من عامين ونصف.
بل بتبادل المعلومات التي مكنت الحوثة من الإبتعاد عن مناطق الإستهداف ليسقط الأبرياء بدلا عن قادة الحوثة.





He revealed details of Iran and Hezbollah involvement in supporting  Houthis through smuggling weapons and men in cars loaded with cars.

"After the closure of Sana'a airport, cars loaded with khat, meat and honey are weekly heading to a 'neighbour country'  carrying Houthi elements and militants from Iran and Lebanon, then it comes back with new elements, weapons and required equipment", maswari added, noting that a lot of militants arrived in Yemen recently.



وجود إيران في اليمن(5).

هاكم جانب من الميدان.
أبوباسل أحد المدربين اللبنانيين المرسل من إيران.
يتولى تدريب الفرق الخاصة من الشباب بالساحل الغربي ويطلق عليهم بالمستميتين أو المستبسلين.
هؤلاء المدربين اللبنانيين والإيرانيين ممن تم إدخالهم مسبقا (جوا أو برا) من الصحراء.



"Special camps were set up for the Iranian personnel to train. They also equipped them with secret private headquarters to work on the development of the missile force. There were missiles from Iran and assembled in Yemen, as well as the development of the range of Yemeni missiles", he further said.

"There were flights to Sana'a airport with members of the Revolutionary Guards wearing Yemeni uniforms and sometimes giving them Yemeni passports. I saw it with my own eyes" he said.

He revealed the name of a Lebanese leader sent by Iran to train Houthi elements.

"Abu Bassil, is training the special teams of young people in the West Coast..they to call them the 'martyrs'. Those Lebanese and Iranian trainers have entered Yemen by air or land", he concluded.

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