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McCain says Iraq's Abadi knows he can't combat corruption

John McCain

US Senator John McCain has said that "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi can not face corruption in his country," US-based Iraqi politician, Zaki Abdul-Hamid al-Bayati said Saturday.


McCain added that Abadi himself knows he is unable to accomplish this task, according to Bayati.


Al-Bayati explained that Abadi's inability to face corruption in Iraq, according to McCain, is what Abadi himself stressed that  "The people involved in the corruption are the officials who monopolize 20 percent of the production of Iraqi oil for their benefit".


Formerly, Abadi said that the post-ISIS Iraq's main challenge will be to overcome corruption and maintain security. 


Fouad Al-Baghdadi
Fouad Al-Baghdadi
Sunday، 24 December 2017 05:08 AM
Abadi is part of the corruption, for 8 years he headed the Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parlament. During these 8 years he did nothing to fight corruption, because he is part of it and so his Dawa Party, an ultra religious party advocating the rule of the clergy as practiced in present day Iran.