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Thousands of bodies 'still buried under rubble' in Old City of Mosul

Thousands of bodies 'still buried under rubble' in Old City of Mosul
Thousands of dead bodies of civilians killed due to war against ISIS are still buried under rubble in the Old City of Mosul, MP Farah al-Sarraj, from Nineveh governorate, said on Saturday.

She confirmed that the victims' families do not have death certificates for their relatives.

The international organizations have not sent any committees to count the number of deaths in the city, she added. 

Sarraj pointed out the Iraqi parliament formed a committee a year ago to investigate the main reasons behind the fall of Mosul. 

This committee has released a report, pointing finger of blame at several former and current officials in Iraqi government, and submitted it to the Attorney General and Iraqi judiciary, which did not proceed with the proper procedures to hold those officials accountable.

She urged the government to hold those responsible for the fall of the city into accountable and accuse them of high treason. 

In June 2014, ISIS captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria. But the US-led coalition launched a campaign to oust the terror group of the two countries.

Iraqi security forces had fully recaptured Nineveh governorate which was considered to be ISIS' main stronghold in Iraq and is currently sweeping Iraq to oust ISIS remnants from them.



Last Modified: Saturday، 23 December 2017 12:08 PM