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Baghdad Post on social media: Confronting Iran scheme, exposing proxies

Since it was launched a year ago, The Baghdad Post worked on confronting Iranian scheme in the Middle East and exposing Iranian surrogates in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Qatar.



The Baghdad Post was a platform for Sunnis civilians oppressed, suffered brutal crimes on the hands of ISIS terror group and Iranian backed Shiite Militias (IMIS).



Documenting violations of Shiite militias was our mean to expose the sectarian campaign against Sunnis in Iraq under the pretext of war against terrorism.


Iran-backed militias attempted to enforce a demographic change in Sunni areas to serve the Iranian Shiite crescent scheme.



Since the beginning of the war against ISIS terror group, we revealed a lot of misleading information which Iranian media outlets attempted to promulgate to deceive the US-led coalition.


The Baghdad Post exploited the presence of social media tools to be the voice of all victims of Iranian terror militias. Since it was launched Baghdad Post on Facebook and Twitter attempted to expose the threat imposed by Iran and its proxies not only on the region but also on the whole world.



Facebook posts of The Baghdad Post through the past year had reckoned on trusted resources to expose Iranian scheme for the whole world and to warn of misleading information by Iranian media outlets to deceive the US-led coalition in its war against ISIS terror group as well as violations committed by Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS).

Last Modified: Friday، 15 December 2017 07:00 PM