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18 Houthis killed in shelling in western Yemen

Yemeni army achieves strategic breakthrough against Houthis in Sana'a
Eighteen Houthi militias were killed in a shelling by the Arab coalition jets of some of Houthi sites in Hudaydah in western Yemen, Yemeni field sources said on Thursday.

The jets conducted more than 10 raids targeting Houthi ammunition warehouses, the sources said.

In Usaylan district, eight Houthis were killed in an air raid that targeted their car.

The shelling coincided with field gunfights between the national army forces and the Houthis.

In Jawf governorate, clashes were renewed between the Yemeni forces and the rebels.

In Taiz, the rebels shelled some villages in Dabab district using Katyusha rockets, leaving a number of civilians injured.
Last Modified: Thursday، 14 December 2017 08:02 PM