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Mullah exposes Soleimani's preparation of suicide bombers in Iraq

Mullah exposes Soleimani's preparation of suicide bombers in Iraq

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani holds a massive sway over the political scene and military decisions of Iran, as he leads Mullah's regime forces abroad.

Soleimani has a complete autonomy in his decision making, as many Iranians say that Soleimani is the hand of Khamenei abroad.

But, this powerful internationally wanted terrorist was recently exposed by Khamenei's office chief Mohamed Kalbaikani , who said that Soleimani is responsible for preparing "suicide bombers and terrorists" abroad.


Soleimani Leader of terrorists

He added that Khamenei has a major influence over Soleimani, noting that he organize and prepare the suicide bombers and terrorists to destabilize other countries.

Kalbaikani also criticized opposing factions to the Mullah's regime intervention in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen calling them "stupid", stressing that Mullah's regime will fight abroad and inside of Iran to assert its dominance.

Kalbaikani's revelations are a precedent as they expose Mullah's regime terrorist activities and deliberate destabilization of the Middle East.

Analysts told The Baghdad Post that Mullah's regime uses radicals and terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria to assert its dominance and to spread its terrorist ideology that it sought to spread in the last four decades.



Mullah behind terrorist activities in region

Earlier, US Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo has sent a letter to Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani and Iranian leaders expressing concern regarding Iran’s increasingly threatening behavior in Iraq.

Speaking during a panel at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum in Southern California, Pompeo said he sent the letter after the senior Iranian military commander had indicated that forces under his control might attack US forces in Iraq. He did not specify the date.

“What we were communicating to him in that letter was that we will hold he and Iran accountable for any attacks on American interests in Iraq by forces that are under their control,” Pompeo told the panel.

“We wanted to make sure he and the leadership in Iran understood that in a way that was crystal clear.”

Iranian media earlier quoted Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, a senior aide to Khamenei, as saying an unnamed CIA contact had tried to give a letter to Soleimani when he was in the Syrian town of Abu Kamal in November during the fighting against ISIS.

The presence of Soleimani on the frontlines highlights Tehran’s heavy sway over policy in Iraq and comes as Shia Iran seeks to further its expansionist agenda in the Middle East.

“You need to only look to the past few weeks and the efforts of the Iranians to exert influence now in Northern Iraq in addition to other places in Iraq to see that Iranian efforts to be the hegemonic power throughout the Middle East continues to increase,” Pompeo said.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that Kalbaikani's announcement, reveals the real culprits behind the numerous terrorist activities in Iraq during the recent years to be guided directly by Qasem Soleimani.

They also called for the international community to investigate Mullah's role in the terrorist attacks in the Middle east especially during the last two decades. 

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