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Kurdish MPs 'seeking to delay elections': MP

Kurdish MPs disrupt voting on many drafts to delay general elections
Several Kurdish blocs have disrupted voting on the council of representatives election and the federal budget drafts, Habib al-Tarafi, a member of the national coalition, said on Saturday.

He confirmed that the general elections will be held as scheduled despite delaying the vote on these drafts.

Tarafi added that the central government in Baghdad has the ability to provide the appropriate fund to support the High Electoral Commission to resume its performing duties.

Earlier, the Kurdish lawmakers rejected the draft as the first draft of Iraq’s federal budget for 2018, approved by the government, envisions slashing the Kurdish region’s share from 17% to 12.7% of the total.

The cut is one of several “punitive” constitutional measures that followed the Sept. 25 Kurdish referendum on independence. 

Those measures also saw Baghdad seize control of disputed areas, border crossings and air bases, and demand that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) transfer taxes and other public revenues to the central government.

Last Modified: Saturday، 09 December 2017 02:52 PM