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2018 state budget won’t easily pass for lack of proper allocations– MP

The Iraqi parliament

Passing the 2018 state budget proposal will not be easy as the budget is “not detailed and it includes a small number of items,” Hisham al-Suhail, National Iraqi Alliance (NIA) MP, revealed Friday.  

In a press statement, al-Suhails said the economic crisis is over, oil prices are soaring and the war on ISIS had come to an end. 

Thus, we do not need to cripple employees with new taxes or cripple Iraq with more debts, he noted.

The government has to set out plans for entertaining Iraqis in 2018 after the considerable suffering they have experienced over the past two years, he further stated.  

Another reason that makes the 2018 state budget’s approval by the parliament not easy is that Kurds have called for keeping Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget at 17%, the MP said.

He added that the ball is currently in the parliament’s court.  

Earlier, the federal government has sent the 2018 state budget to the parliament to be approved.

However, Kurdish MPs refused to vote on the budget for not allocating a 17% share of the 2018 state budget for Kurdistan Region.

Sunni MPs also refused to vote on the budget for not allocating sufficient funds for the reconstruction of districts recently recaptured from ISIS terrorists. 

In November, Parliament Legal Committee Member Kamil al-Zeidi said the parliament would keep Kurdistan's state budget allocations at 12%.

Last Modified: Friday، 08 December 2017 02:43 PM