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Federal budget deficit ‘very high’ – Jabouri

Salim al-Jabouri

The federal budget deficit is very high, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri revealed Wednesday. 
In statements he issued while visiting one of the districts in Baghdad Belt, al-Jabouri said the Iraqi people are entitled to be provided with job opportunities and alternatives that help them overcome the challenges they are facing.  
He asked: How can we cut expenditure while having thousands of graduates who wait for job opportunities to be created by the state?
Earlier, the federal government has sent the 2018 state budget to the parliament to be approved.
However, Kurdish MPs refused to vote on the budget for not allocating a 17% share of the 2018 state budget for Kurdistan Region.
Sunni MPs also refused to vote on the budget for not allocating sufficient funds for the reconstruction of districts recently recaptured from ISIS terrorists. 
In November, Parliament Legal Committee Member Kamil al-Zeidi said the parliament would keep Kurdistan's state budget allocations at 12%.
Zeidi said that the region's share of the state budget may even be decreased if the population statistics were less than before, noting that there is no coming back to the previous 17% share.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 06 December 2017 02:12 PM