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2018 state budget proposal ‘political in nature’, oppresses Kurds – MP

Baghdad-Erbil crisis still ongoing

The federal government is dealing with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in accordance with the principle of the victorious and the defeated, Kurdish Alliance MP Majid Shinkali revealed Sunday.   

In a press statement, Shinkali criticized the 2018 state budget proposal, which has been recently submitted to the parliament, adding that it is “explicitly political in nature.” 

Under the constitution, KRG is the legitimate representative of Kurdistan Region. But the phrase, used in the budget proposal, aims at attaining political ends, he further stated.  

The Kurdish MP said that not stating Kurdistan’s share in the state budget means that the federal government will depend on population statistics of the planning and trade ministries.

He also questioned the validity of the information that will be provided by these two ministries. 

Shinkali suggested that Kurdistan might accept slashing its share (17%) in the state budget, provided that its sovereign expenditures are not deducted.  

Earlier in November, Parliament Legal Committee Member Kamil al-Zeidi said the parliament would keep Kurdistan's state budget allocations at 12%.

Zeidi said that the region's share of the state budget may even be decreased if the population statistics were less than before, noting that there is no coming back to the previous 17% share.

Last Modified: Sunday، 03 December 2017 01:23 PM